This year’s NEIS conference will be a hybrid conference with both, in-person and online participation and presentations. The online platform, that the event will be hosted on, will be announced soon.

Presentations will be given in three forms: Keynote presentations, presentations in the plenary session, and short presentations in parallel sessions.

A session-block starts with a 30-minute keynote including a Q&A session.

Thereafter oral presentations in the plenary session follow. Each oral presentation in the plenary session has a time limit of 13 minutes plus a 5-minute Q&A session, and 2 minutes for the changeover to the next speaker, thus a 20-minute timeslot per speaker in total.

The following short oral presentations in two parallel sessions replace the poster sessions for the hybrid NEIS conference. The short oral presentations in parallel sessions have a time limit of 8 minutes plus a 5-minute Q&A-session, and 2 minutes for the next speaker to prepare, thus a 15-minute timeslot per speaker in total.

Each presentation is given live, on stage or online. However, in the case of an online presentation please provide a pre-recorded video of the presentation in case of technical problems.

Please upload your presentation slides as power-point-file using the conference management platform no later than 23rd of September, so we can have them ready on the presentation computer. You may use the provided presentation template or use your own including the provided NEIS-conference logo on every slide.