To participate on the NEIS 2018 conference, please fill out the registration form and send it via email to or as a fax to +49 40 6541-3083. The e-mail address is handling your submissions in form of a ticket system.

The registration form can be found here: Registration_NEIS2018

The Word-file shall be named as follows: Registration_Participant_NEIS2018.

Information about the General Terms and Conditions for the NEIS Conference can be found here: GTC NEIS Conference

Please be aware, that you automatically accept the General Terms and Conditions for the NEIS Conference when submitting your registration.

Conference fee & payment

After having registered, you will receive the contact form and the payment details for the conference fee. Registration fees include: admittance to the conference, conference contributions on usb-drive, coffee breaks, two lunch breaks, one dinner event and the excursion to 110 kV substation.

Full conference fee

300 €

Early bird registration

250 €

Reduced fee*

100 €

Additional paper

300 €

Additional pages (max. 2)

50 €

*Available for a limited number of students, an application is necessary. For more information click here.

Registration for NEIS Conference without paper is available until 1th of September.