How to prepare a video presentation:

There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation.  In this method, you can show your face via webcam (if you’d like) and display your slides as you talk. You can use any meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format. We highly encourage you to use the webcam as the presentations prepared in this way tend to be more personal and interesting.

Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:

You can also use the two step method covered below:

Please send us your video file until the 31st of August. For this, we recommend using WeTransfer, which is available free of charge for file sizes up to 2 GByte. When using WeTransfer, please send the download link to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Audio/Video File Requirements:

  • All files must be in MP4 Format.
  • A bit rate of 1 mbps or less: To check the bit rate, right click on the file name, click on properties, go to the details tab, and look for total bit rate. The virtual conferencing platform will accept videos with a higher bit rate, but some quality may be lost during the upload process.
  • Resolution = 720p HD.
  • Presentation lengths:
    • Paper session not to exceed 12  minutes;
    • Poster session not to exceed 7 minutes.
  • Please use the following naming convention: PID.mp4, where PID is your paper/registration number, for example 001NEIS21.
  • Please note that the total size of the video should not exceed 125 MB.


Tips for recording:

  1. Use as quiet an area as possible.
  2. Avoid areas that have echo:
    1. Rooms should be fairly small;
    2. Sound dampening with carpeting, curtains, furniture.
  3. Hardline internet connections are highly recommended, but if unavailable, a strong Wi-Fi connection should do the job.
  4. A good headset with a microphone set close to your mouth but away from direct line of mouth to reduce “pops”.  Try to avoid using default, built-in microphones on your computer, if possible.
  5. Do a test recording of a couple of minutes and review the sound and picture quality, in the MP4 format, and check the bit rate before recording your entire presentation.  Make adjustments as needed.
  6. Please include this file on the title slide of your presentation: NEIS Banner


Power Point requirements:

Please use the 16×9 format for your slides.